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I was the girl, that when I wore lipstick, it would wind up on my teeth, it would smear into a clown-like state, or it would fade halfway through the evening.  Until I found LipSense™ by SeneGence. I fell head over heels in love and have used it exclusively for almost 2 years.

What is LipSense?

LipSense™ is a waterproof lipstick that does not smudge, smear, rub-off or kiss-off and can last up to 18 hours. Lipsense™ lipstick color has over 30 shades to choose from or you can create your own color palette by combining shades.  One tube is approximately 4 sticks of lipstick and can last up to 6 months!

LipSense™ in a non-wax lasting lip color.  It is created with naturally-recurring ingredients formulated in compliance with FDA regulations and made in the USA.

How much is LipSense™ Lipstick?

LipSense™ is initially sold as a starter kit for $55 or you can join my SeneGence distributor team and save $5 on your starter kit and sell LipSense™ to make money! When you purchase LipSense™ the starter kit includes: LipSense™ liquid lip color, moisturizing gloss and an Oops remover! Lip Color remover.

Single LipSense™ colors are priced at $25.00, while LipSense™ glosses (Glossy Gloss, Matte Gloss & Opal Gloss) are $20.00 each.

Ooops! Lipsense™ Lip Color remover is priced at $10.00. This is a great tool to have as a simple swipe will erase any application errors or remove your LipSense™ at the end of the day. Better yet, it works instantly with no rubbing!

If you have any questions or want more info email me at jenny@graymonroe.com


How can I buy SeneGence by LipSense™ products?

To begin your LipSense™ journey, you’ll need to purchase the LipSense™ by SeneGence starter kit which comes with Ooops! Lip Color remover, one lipstick, and a LipSense™ gloss. The moisturizing gloss is a must because it’s what seals in your lipstick, keeps your lipstick lasting for hours and above else, keeps your lips moisturized!

Become a purchaser today and you WILL end up loving this as much as me. You can also continue to be a customer or you can JOIN my LipSense™ Distributor team and score deep discounts on color for yourself and earn a profit to boot!

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*TO ORDER LipSense™ or become a distributor please email me at jenny@graymonroe.com


About Me: How to Become a LipSense™ Distributor

I have been with SeneGence as a distributor selling LipSense™ for just a couple of months and I have been blown away at how easy it's been to sell this amazing product and how it's benefited my family immensely.  I am a part of an amazing team that has great training.  I've been so inspired to see them earning cars, trips around the world, and be earning what they used to earn in a year in one month's time.  Unbelieveable!

If you have any questions about ordering Lipsense™ or about becoming a LipSense™ Distributor please email me at jenny@graymonroe.com


Check out the LipSense™ photos of all of the colors below:

Check out the LipSense™ photos of all the amazing LipSense™ lipstick colors below: