About Us


Hey y'all.  I'm Jenny Collier.  I'm a mom to Hudson Gray and Ella Monroe and wife to my loving husband of 16 years.  I'm the owner of Gray Monroe and lifestyle blogger over at jennycollier.com.

Nine years ago I was deep in the trenches of motherhood.  My children, Hudson Gray and Ella Monroe, are only 15 months apart and I was seen daily in yoga pants covered in all of the mom stains.  My days were spent taking care of my demanding toddlers, my husband, my home, our businesses, and my blog...everyone but myself.  

In 2013 I had an ah-ha moment.  While I had been thinking that taking time for myself would be selfish I suddenly realized that my  needs were not being met.  If I put a little effort into setting boundaries, feeding into my passions, and dressing in an actual outfit how much happier I would feel.

From that time spent finding myself I rediscovered my lost passion for fashion (after all, my high school dream was to own a boutique).  I encourage every woman, mother or not, to take time to take care of themselves.  It's so important.  It's amazing what a cute outfit can do for your mood, your confidence, and feeling like an actual human.

My heart for this business is that I can lift all of you up...encourage you, allow you to feel more confident, and feel a connection as women and friends.  You can find me at:

Jenny Collier Instagram:  @jennycollier
Gray Monroe Instagram:  @graymonroe
Snapchat:  @graymonroe
Facebook:  http://facebook.com/graymonroeboutique